Diet for dogs — it happens sometimes

Diet for dogs - it happens sometimes

Diet for dogs is an important part of dog’s life. Sometimes love to the dog owner takes a very material form – in the form of fat folds on her body. It is clear that no loving owner wishes his dog bad, but so hard to resist the temptation to once again treat your pet with something tasty.

Obesity in dogs and how to deal with it

The extra weight the dog carries the same threat as a human. It leads to metabolic disorders, negatively affects the locomotor apparatus: develop arthritis and arthrosis, probable pinched in the spine. Especially dangerous overweight dogs of small breeds because of the possibility of edema of the respiratory tract.

If your dog is overweight, it needs the strict dosage with eating. Need to know how many meals a day is considered normal for a particular breed. It is better to divide this large batch into three or four and feed more often, but gradually.

If the owner of the dog had the temerity to teach your dog to a large amount of food, drastically reduce this volume it is impossible. When you stretch the stomach, which in this case, the dog suffers, the normal amount of food will be insufficient. The dog will suffer from hunger and to use every opportunity to mute it by stealing and picking up that decent dogs should not be. And she will develop a strong psychological discomfort and attitude towards others much worse. A hungry dog is an angry dog.

Veterinary diet for dogs

Way out of a difficult situation will be to reduce caloric intake. Instead of the cereal and pasta need to give the dog more vegetables and lean meat while keeping the same amount of lunch. Today food for dogs in the range are presented on many websites you can own

In any case you should not feed the dog in between meals, treat from the table. To not feel guilt for his greed, feeling the pleading eyes of your pet, it is better not to allow him to attend the culinary process and with human meals. It will be the best alternative for the dog. Not watching, and eat all sorts of Goodies, least of all think about them.

Dog to lose weight will help load the fresh air. We need to teach the dog the habit of actively moving while walking. If the nature of the dog is by nature staid, you may have to jog to get the dog to work the muscles. But this goes to the owner and the dog benefit. A cheerful dog will happily play with its owner and without coercion.

Note: in no case do not give the dog supplements to reduce appetite, for the person. This is a very negative effect on health, as well as between human and canine organisms the difference is very significant.

It is important not to retreat before difficulties, and a dog that is in fine form, thanking his master with great love and cheerfulness.

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