Designer chairs and armchairs from all over the world

Designer chairs and armchairs from all over the world 1

In this article you will see designer chairs and armchairs from all over the world. Here are the chairs created in the form of animals and plants, with legs and without, wooden, plastic and metal. In this collection reflects the latest trends in design of furniture, namely, chairs and armchairs.

Designer chairs and armchairs from all over the world


It would seem, what could be easier than to make a chair or stool? It would have been nice if this question was not asked of contemporary furniture designers, because they design the chairs can impress one by their appearance, not to mention comfort and functionality.

Modern manufacturing techniques allow the furniture designers not hinder the flight of his own imagination and to create furniture of any shape and form factor, regardless of or it will be the chairs made of wood or other material. The basic concept is still comfort, functionality and unusual design. So, the rocking chair can serve as a couch for a dog, and a chair – a makeshift shelf for magazines. Modern designer chairs and armchairs can stand just two and even on one leg; like a big bear, a whale or a cake; to transform into a couch or to serve as a pot for plants. All this makes the modern furniture design is really interesting and exciting. Look at all of these unusual patterns and, unwittingly, his head coming up with new ideas for your own collections of furniture!

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