Design small bedroom — 40 good ideas design

Design small bedroom - 40 good ideas design 1

Design small bedroom sometimes becomes a real problem. It needs a special approach and careful planning, because in this bedroom, we need to not only accommodate all the necessary furniture, but also to place it in the most rational way, creating a harmonious and cozy atmosphere. In this article I will present you the most successful 40 ideas for decorating interior design small bedroom, which will help you to solve this difficult task.


One of the main rules of interior design for small bedroom is the large number of light and bright colors. Otherwise, you risk turning a small bedroom into a closet. Light colors visually make the room bigger and add air. The most successful will have the following colors: beige, peach, yellow, pale blue, light green and their shades. Horizontal stripes or a pattern on the walls will expand the space. The same effect will help to achieve a glossy white ceiling and a dark floor with a diagonal pattern.

In the design of a small bedroom , a great option is to install a Cabinet with glass doors or large mirrors. Placing mirrors opposite Windows or other bright light source, you can visually enlarge the space of your bedroom by almost half.

Try not to clutter the aisle and leave a space between the door and the opposite wall of the unemployed. So you can make the room wider.


When choosing furniture for a small bedroom, you should give preference to small and multifunctional. Bed is better to choose without legs and a solid headboard, preferably light shade. so it will look smaller and will not narrow the space of your bedroom. Bedside Tables should not be above the bed. Great replacement closet can become a chest of drawers to use as a dressing table. If no wardrobe can not do, let it be a wardrobe or a closet with sliding doors that can be custom made here. Chairs to replace the stools.

The final touch – lighting small bedroom. Bright, General lighting will make your bedroom uncomfortable. In your case it is better to stay at zonal lighting, lighting of individual elements. A number of spotlights installed on the wall and light ceiling will make the room higher and smooth out the boundaries of the walls.

Creating the design is very small bedroom , remember that it is not necessary to overload the interior of unnecessary decorative details. I hope that these simple tips will help you create a cozy and comfortable bedroom in a small room.

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