Design small apartment with two rooms of 31.5 metres

In this article you will see a very comfortable design for small apartment, which was set up to 31.5 square metres. Today the real estate market very popular small-sized apartments of the «economy class» apartment and hotel type, so-called «dormitory». This type of apartments prefer mainly single people and couples who have no children. But if you want, you can put in a little effort and in such a small apartment can accommodate a big family.

Interior design small apartments

Basically, the «dormitory» is a small-sized housing with an area of about 20-25 square meters, and even less -14-16 square meters. However, there are also quite a spacious apartment with a separate kitchen, as apartments in new buildings. But apart from a small area near the apartments of hotel type occurs another feature is the high ceilings. Their height can reach up to 4 meters. There are some difficulties in the planning of the interior and at the same time the opportunity to realize the most unusual and interesting design project small apartment. To slightly reduce the height of the ceiling, can be installed in flat ceilings.

In principle, the apartment can simply furnish the necessary furniture and not spend time on the design. However, in this case, most of the space will remain unclaimed. There is a more rational use of the available space, for example, to build a kind of second floor and to arrange the bedroom. Thus, the functionality of the apartment will increase significantly. You can also change the design of the project small apartments changing rooms in some places.

In this case, the size of the apartment is divided into kitchen and living room and the bedroom is in the place of meals. However, in this case, the bedroom is in full view of everyone who entered. But to solve this problem by using doors, partitions or curtains that blends with the overall interior of the apartment.

In the bedroom besides the bed, it is possible to host multiple cabinets. If allowed space in the apartment, it is also possible to organize a closet. Separately you need to consider the question of lighting in the apartment. Whether it’s a single source of light throughout the apartment or bedroom will have a dedicated light source. Competent installation of cabinets with a sink will help you to save space in the bathroom, especially if it is combined with a toilet.

Another important aspect in the regeneration of sleeping in the kitchen and the qualified help of a professional. A specialist will be able to advise you and to implement the project of transfer of all necessary communications: water supply and sanitation. To save on the services of such a specialist is not necessary to stay in the apartment was comfortable and safe.

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