Design project of an apartment – it’s expensive. Debunking the myth

design project of the apartment-expensive-razvenchanie-myth

Design project of the apartment — assistant in the elaboration of the capital master plan. It reflects preferences in the design of the apartment or house owner, plus the necessary technical requirements. This is the visual design of the future apartment, where the pre-seen moments of the future construction and decoration.

The design project is:

  • drawings and diagrams of construction work;
  • 3D interior visualization on paper or on computer;
  • the choice of furniture, accessories and materials for decoration;
  • advice on the construction and choice of style in accordance with the desires of the customer;
  • control of construction progress at all stages.

To do yourself – commendable, but not always work out the way we intended. Self-repair without involving professionals is the economy version, which requires the presence of artistic taste, free time, patience and nerves of steel.

Hand-made in the design of apartments: cons

  1. Competence in decoration: the wrong choice construction crews or materials will raise the cost of repair and increase the time of repair.
  2. Compliance with the basics of composition, color combinations and other stylistic issues – the main points in the design project. To rely on intuition here is not: one nesochetanie will ruin the painting of the interior.
  3. The choice of furniture and materials will last for a long time. In the end, you will get a very expensive or is not suitable.
  4. To find a conscientious team of builders – it is not easy. A lot of chances of stumbling on the Scam.
  5. The repair will torture family, who live on the construction site is clearly not like. All the negativity will affect you and the repair.

5 stages of creating the design project

The work of a professional designer it is easy to track, as it’s always worked out step by step process.

  1. Discussion of the wants and needs of the owner, which must be implemented + the conclusion of the contract.
  2. Layout in several variants, the approval.
  3. The choice of stylistic preferences of the owner + of furniture and equipment.
  4. Coordination of technical issues in the drawing of the apartment: electrical and plumbing diagrams with ceilings and other structures.
  5. The provision of ready 3d project and discuss the final details: material, coating, Windows and doors.
  6. Advice on choosing the consumables and help in the selection of performers.

In addition to these stages of a correct project design includes the presence of a specialist during the construction works.

Team interaction designers and «repairmen» guarantees quality of the highest level. Plus the cost in such cases is reduced.

A full range of services for the development of the design project apartments from Minsk Studio of interior design Dyking is an excellent ratio of price and quality. In the Studio employs experienced designers that implement complex projects to reality.

Order a design project to Dyking: designer advises and leaves the facility for free. The cost of development of individual design project depends on the chosen tariff.

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