Design living room in the Provence style is a cosy beauty

Design living room in the Provence style is a cosy beauty

Living room design in the style of Provence allows you to create a unique combination of cozy and rural flavor. This design is characterized by the use of soft colors with bright accents. The main difference between the style of Provence is the brevity and restraint, it is better to abandon the signs of pomposity and pretentiousness. It is important to properly and harmoniously combine the natural colors, patterns and motifs. Provence allows you to make the room cozy and romantic, to bring in uniqueness and originality.

Common features of the living room in the Provence style

To create a beautiful and harmonious design of living room in the Provence style is very important to take care of all the details and elements of the interior. The ceiling in the living room to make light and smooth. You can use construction plaster or pastel paint. To create a unique rustic flavor of the ceiling can be decorated by a wooden beam, which is better to paint in a dark color.

The surface of the floor in the living room covered in natural materials. It is possible to use parquet or wood boards. The color should be natural or created by the bright dye. The use of modern materials unacceptable because they would spoil the natural and ecological style.

When making the surface of walls it is recommended to use standard neutral plaster, which will add simplicity and elegance to the living room. It is better if the texture will be specially created cracks, roughness, spacing. Additional charm gives the visible stonework, which may be slightly processed or colored. Some people prefer to decorate walls with natural wood or stone.

Windows and doors

Special attention should be paid to the creation and design of Windows and doors. If the style of Provence, is created in the living room in the house, then the best option would be a French window or window on the wall. For apartments are best suited the installation of a wooden frame with lots of covers. The door must necessarily be light in color, it is possible to apply a floral pattern that will add lightness and playfulness of the design.

Choosing furniture

For the living room in the Provence style furniture is exclusively antique and wooden. It is also important that headsets had an attractive appearance and blend with the overall design. If it is not possible to buy ancient furniture, it can go contemporary wall living room Ducale factory Mobil Piu, which professionals may be artificially aged to give it a cracked or scratched look. Every detail of the furniture can be painted bright dye. Necessarily the presence of drawers, cupboards, chests that were used in creating the interior in the past centuries. Extra warmth and comfort can be achieved by installing decorative or existing brick fireplace.

The light and decor

For the harmonious and the finished design is very important to choose the right lighting. It is important that the room was filled with a warm diffused light. The lighting elements is better to choose a different level that will allow each functional area to cover. The appearance of the lamps is also important, best floor lamps with striped or floral lampshade and chandelier with decorative elements of forging.

To the interior did not seem boring and monotonous, we should not forget about the decor items and accessories. Best suited vintage items. Also of great importance for the style of Provence has a high quality textile. It can act as a decorative element. Lounge in the style of Provence can be a vacation spot or friendly get-togethers, thanks to its simplicity and restraint.

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