Design: from cave paintings to high-tech

Design from cave paintings to high-tech

We often hear the term «design«, and refer to it as to something familiar and taken for granted. Because design really is everywhere around us: in the interior, in shops, in the streets… the question Arises: when did the design?

Craving for beauty in human genetics

Once a person has mastered the first cave and kindled in them the first lights, in his primitive hands was the charred sticks, which he began to do what? Right, to draw cave paintings. This was the first design: even as a half-wild creature, people have decorated their homes with primitive drawings of mammoths, hunters and other topical in the time plots.

Over time the instrumentation was expanded and enriched, but the essence has not changed: people trying to create a comfortable space that pleases the eye and warms the soul. This is the interior design.

Historical stages of development of design

According to the company, the Trajectory design design-t can be divided into the following major stages in the formation of design ideas.

  • Original design: rock painting, jewelry, animal skins and a necklace of bones.
  • Design for the elite. A very important era in the world of design, who has created many beautiful things. The gist of it was that not everyone had the opportunity and means to create beauty around yourself. And those who have the possibility had, enjoyed it to the fullest. A vivid example of the Baroque and Rococo, shocking in its luxuriousness. However, it could only afford to know and rich merchants.
  • Rural design. Existed in parallel with «design for the chosen» was manifested in the attempts of people to create beauty with the tools they had. For example, Russian wooden houses and huts with whitewash brilliant examples of folk art.
  • Modern. Formed in the late nineteenth and notable for its rigor, adaptability, and a certain restraint. Combines a number of styles in art, as art Nouveau was marked by constant creative search and pursuit of new.
  • Postmodern. This is the era in which we live. So far, all contemporary design styles, including minimalism, hi-tech and other cutting-edge trends, are essentially postmodern.

In the current environment, the interior design incorporates the history of creative thought, from primitive drawings to the highest technology. Therefore, the decoration that we think is simple and familiar, is a civilizational amount, the cast of modern humanity.

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