Decorative ropes and their use

Decorative ropes and their use

Decorative ropes from natural materials have a natural expressive texture making this material has been successfully used to create an unusual and memorable interior. Increased in recent years, interest in ECO-design inspires new ideas are the use of the usual ropes and ropes.

Any decor of rope, created by the hands, can be a highlight of your home. Large interior practice confirms a harmonious blend of vegetable ropes with wood, stone, burlap, bamboo, rough textiles, and ironwork.

Ropes and marine theme in the interior

If you decide to arrange the room in a nautical style, to recreate the actual atmosphere is impossible without a thick rope lay rope. Do not interfere here and exclusive items on relevant topics – rope ladders, fishing nets, woven mats, decorative knot «monkey fist» rope-tiebacks etc.

Hanging beds, hammocks and garden swing

Floating in the air bed is a bold decision of creative people. That swinging on the massive rope design would be appropriate in a classic bedroom of the spouses, in the room boy, on the terrace and the veranda. Today it is very fashionable to decorate the interior of a country house hanging chairs or hammocks, which are fastened with strong ropes. On a country site it is possible to make a rope swing.

Decorating items, ropes and cords

Armed with this simple material, you can easily turn outdated furniture and everyday life. Rope framed mirrors, paintings, clocks, frames of photographs will fit perfectly in the intended style of the room. Braided chairs, poufs, baskets, flower pots and vases will be a bright interior detail. You can give a second life to the boring floor lamps and lamps, decorate their legs and lampshades.

Hanging shelves

Shelves on rope rope fit harmoniously into the room, decorated in an exotic and rustic style. They look great in the kitchen and in the bathroom. It is sufficient to find the appropriate Board, drill holes in them, threading the rope, tie knots under each tier and hook design for a hook.

Rope railing and fencing

The use of a rope of large diameter as a handrail – the original approach to the design of the stairs. Let him along the wall, fixing with sturdy rings and mounts. When finishing HOMESTEAD areas often put rope fences, which consist of columns, between which there is at half-mast rope. They serve a decorative function and serve to indicate the boundaries of a particular area.

It’s just a few simple ideas use rope as a decorative objectthat will give you to understand how the original textured material that provides endless possibilities for creativity. Try decorative rope in your interior and you will see how much he has changed.

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