Decorative beams in the interior

decorative beams-V-interere

Decorative beams in the interior look very stylish. Against the background of such a wide array of methods of design, unwittingly tired of identical solutions of a particular style. But, lately, it is becoming more popular application in the design of natural wood of different breeds, whether it be furniture, floors and other decorative elements.

What style to combine decorative ceiling beams?

One such non-standard solutions for the use of wood in modern interior, there is a beam. Their wide variation of thickness, structure, and shades that allow you to pick the extraordinary decision and thus to emphasize any style. Beams are used to create a certain decor in the room – called decorative. In addition to the role of a decorative element, they can be beneficial to change the visual space of the room. The majority of these beams are used to decorate the ceilings.

Decorative ceiling beams accentuate any style of your interior – from the restrained classical, country and nautical style to the loft and high-tech. This decision will allow to create original designs in home, restaurant, country estate, bar.

The use of decorative beams to the ceiling in the interior

  • Zoning room can be done by placing a large beam between two zones;
  • A visual extension of the room is achieved by placing the beams along the broad wall;
  • Visually make the room wider, will allow the placement of the beams across the width of the ceiling;
  • To visually lower the ceiling will help the prolapse and fixation beams on opposite walls;
  • To emphasize the volume of space with high ceilings easily, placing the beam under the ceiling, thereby visually reducing its level;
  • To streamline the space and bring in the originality you can decorate a sloped ceiling attic attic with decorative beams;
  • To emphasize the classic style in the interior will help smooth lacquered beams of bright or dark shades;
  • To emphasize the modern interior by applying bold and creative solution. It is possible to use a beam smooth white, black, gray, or bright colors;
  • Make a ceiling volume, structure and dynamics will help the beam, tint, which is identical to the color of the ceiling.

Moreover, applying the decorative beams in the kitchen or over the bar, and equipped with hooks or holders for kitchen utensils and glasses, you will create a stylish and most importantly functional design solution.

The use of wooden decorative beams in the interior of any room will provide a cozy atmosphere and stylish design and simple solution.

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