Decorating with moss in the landscape solutions

Moss in the landscape solutions

Today, there are many ways to make a plot interesting, memorable and unusual. One such way is decorating with moss. Moss can be used in a variety of designs and styles when making a Japanese garden create retro compositions, etc. Due to the variety of textures, colors moss is ideal for vertical and horizontal landscaping, «drapery» sculpture, various kinds of fences, rotaries, the foot of the rocks. In some cases the moss planted on the roof of the gazebo (for better protection from the heat), on the banks of the ponds (thus, there is a clear distinction between water and land), in the gaps between the paving slabs, they can also decorate empty areas of any vertical and horizontal surface.

How to grow moss on the local area?

Contrary to popular belief, for growing mosses do not have the presence of elevated moisture and shade. There are many varieties of mossthat can grow in open, well-lit and even the arid areas. The easiest method of growing moss on the plot is to transplant seedlings from the forest or riverine areas. Most importantly, the environment from which you removed the moss was similar to the conditions in which it is moved. Planted the moss should be pressed to the ground, abundantly watered during the first few weeks.

To plant moss on a sloping or vertical section (e.g., rocks, fences, tree trunks), after her wet creamy composition, which consists of kefir/yogurt and of the particles of the moss. The specified location should regularly moisturize with a spray gun. Typically, the first sprouts appear in one to two months. Note that decorative mosses can grow on the surface of the pond. For transplanting plants in the pond need to purchase a special landscape fabric and place on the fragments of the shoots. This option is good because the moss does not require irrigation — a material that perfectly transmits the liquid, it has the possibility of forming beds of any geometry.

What moss should give preference?

For the formation of the lawn, decorating garden paths in a temperate climate is the perfect low-growing varieties of drought-resistant and loose moss, forms a dense turf. For example, it may be Kukushkin flax, fern moss, glaucous leucobryum. Shaded plot is growing viviparous, PPE poliya, near bet will be comfortable wavy Criciuma.

Rules of planting moss

  1. Ideally the moss should be placed in the Northern or Western part of the site, the soil should have an acid reaction (pH 6.5).
  2. Moss it is best to transplant in the autumn, the moss is more adaptable.
  3. Before planting, the ground should be cleaned of weeds, leaves, grass and debris to loosen, add some clay pebbles and clay.
  4. Fragments covered should be planted at a distance of 25-30 cm between centers.
  5. By planting a lichen on the stone, the latter must be covered with geotextile, thus providing protection from weeds.

To infield always had a presentable appearance, pleasing to the eye, the plants need constant care. Regularly, remove the weeds, the dry fragments of moss, to prevent drying of the soil under young shoots and hygrophilous vegetation.

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