Deciduous and coniferous plants for the garden

To the garden was harmonious and comfortable, planting and their relationship takes planning. Balance can be achieved in proportion to transplanting deciduous and coniferous plants for the garden. However, in an attempt to make the garden decorative all year round, owners often make the mistake of planting a lot of conifers. Try to find a middle ground.

Deciduous and coniferous plants for the garden: what is the difference

It is difficult to imagine a garden or a Park without trees, because they are the main decoration of any area and additionally perform several other functions. Under a large canopy to hide from the rain or sun. Large trees planted along the roads and alleys, plant trees and shrubs large city. Trees purify the air, clean the noise and dust. Spectacular look of some breeds of deciduous trees during flowering, and some varieties are grown exclusively for landscaping.

Fruit trees perform several functions: they decorate a garden delight delicious fruit, striking flowers in spring time. You will be able to see and choose deciduous trees greensad.

All trees on the planet can be divided into two large species – deciduous and coniferous. What is the difference between coniferous plants for the garden from foliage? The answer is obvious: on deciduous trees the leaves grow on coniferous trees that are pine needles or scales. Roughly speaking, the needles are the same leaves, only slightly modified. There is one huge difference between coniferous and deciduous trees. Needles all year round rests on the branches, but the leaves of the winter fall. The exception is deciduous and evergreen trees, but they grow in the South such as Magnolia grandiflora. Commonly found evergreen trees in the subtropics and tropics. Known breeds: monocompany Laurel, korisnik Loureiro, marginality oak, eucalyptus, korisnik Ceylon.

So why deciduous plants shed their leaves and conifers not? Actually, not all conifers remain evergreen, and not all deciduous shed their leaves. The main exception is conifers larch, she winters without needles. Deciduous trees shed their leaves because of its life cycle, so it is easier to tolerate winter. Heavy snow remaining on the leaves could damage the branches. Also the area of the leaf is much more of pine needles, leaves evaporate moisture, and the tree nourishes it from the ground. In winter it is problematic to get the right amount of water the tree, it’s easier just to dump the leaves. Needles has a smaller size, so the moisture evaporates in small quantities. The needles are usually updated every four years.

What better trees to plant on their own site

The choice of plants depends on the preferences of the owner, the function and place of landing. Deciduous trees can be divided into ornamental and fruit. If there is a desire to create a garden in the country, it is better to plant fruit trees. They perform many functions at once. Fruit trees are very beautiful in bloom, the air is the fragrance of flowers, the whole area is incredibly beautiful. Summer in the shade of a fruit tree to escape the sun and relax in the autumn to gather the fruit.

Fruit trees

Ornamental trees can look very impressive, have an unusual shape of leaves or unique color, but to give inedible fruit. For example, maple red impressive color of the leaves in the fall, but it can perform only a decorative function. Here you need to decide what I want to get: decorative or practical use. Fruit trees would be correct to call fruit and ornamental, they are all incredibly beautiful in bloom. Cherry, plum, cherry, Apple, apricot and other species in the spring effectively decorate the area.


Coniferous trees look great in every Park, in the country they can be found rarely. Fir can be used instead of a Christmas tree, and other species of ephedra, an integral part of rock gardens and rocky hills.

Can be planted near deciduous conifer? Conifers can be planted next to ornamental deciduous trees, they will effectively complement each other in the compositions. Even in nature, coniferous trees often grow along with oak, birch and other hardwoods. Problems can occur only when planting a conifer tree next to the fruit. The roots of conifers grow rapidly, and these trees can acidify the soil. The productivity of fruit trees due to such a neighbor may eventually fall. The optimal distance between pine tree and fruit – at least five meters.

Popular deciduous trees

Deciduous trees looks perfect in any garden without them is impossible. The most popular breeds, which effectively will decorate the garden is a birch, particularly weeping form, willow, cherry, horse chestnut. Catalpa has become a particularly popular tree in small gardens, because it has a large and unusual leaves, but also grows well in the trunk. Red maples are also incredibly beautiful, unusually growing sumac tree.

It is worth noting the beauty and fragrance of the Linden trees during flowering, and Robinia and acacia will fill the air with fragrance and delight of delicate flowers. You also need to pay attention to the very unique and unusual tree called Cercis or Barannik. When a tree blossoms, an incredible spectacle, as pink flowers bloom literally all over the tree.

Magnolia, Japanese maple, Paulownia will not become redundant in the garden. Decorative these plants will help to create a memorable and fragrant garden.


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