Czech vintage perfume bottles

Czech vintage perfume bottles

Czech vintage perfume bottles look impressive!

Looking in the Handbook, once you understand that the word » vintage is far from constant… So in winemaking, translated from French vintage – wine or harvest of a certain year and age. Vintage in fashion – any items the past in contemporary interpretation (in retro style). Vintage in photography — photographic print that was made at the same time as the negative, or shortly thereafter.

Beautiful perfume bottles in retro style

Pay attention to the vintage style in fashion.

Nowadays, vintage style is a style of «nostalgia», the style of pleasant memories.

Things especially age – are scuffs, scratches, imitation cracked from time to time paint. Every year lovers of antiquity are more. A growing number of collectors, opening up antique shops, flea markets are created.

I want to show You the fact that I have great interest and admiration! Page with vintage Czech glass bubbles from a long time in my bookmarks. There is both female and male spirits. They are all part of a bigger style of the vintage.

After elegant bottles, which are stored in excellent condition, I offer You my collection, gathered digging up kitchen garden…:-)

The spirits in this bottle, will acquire a special value and will look stunning and luxurious. In them you can put perfume with essential oils and other aromatic compounds.

The bottles are made in small batches and hand-decorated by master is not mass production. Buying the bottle, you will become the owner of exclusive. Made of colored Czech glass, they are inlaid semi-precious stones, minerals or the famous Czech crystal. Each of them will serve as an excellent gift, a little miracle and a touch to a lovely tale.








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