Cultural and historical holidays and water fun in Helsinki

Cultural and historical holidays and water fun in Helsinki

Helsinki is one of the largest cities in Finland, which is its capital. For tourists, there is a large number of cultural and historical monuments, among which is one of the main fortress of Suomenlinna. Previously, its main purpose was the protection of Maritime routes, at the moment it is a favorite place of many tourists.

You can also stroll through Senate square, considering the State Council and the Cathedral. For those who want a deeper understanding of the history of Finland, always open doors of the National Museum of that state. You can see colorful and fun concerts, cultural activities, exhibitions of national artists, which are held in the Park of Esplanadi.

Considerable interest to such historical sites as the presidential Palace, city Hall, the Swedish Embassy, Market square, Suomenlinna fortress, the University and University library, which holds a collection of Slavic literature.

Unforgettable impression of the Olympic stadiumused for sporting events. This stadium is designed for 40,000 people. A characteristic feature of this architectural object is a heavy tower, it reaches a height of 72 meters. On its territory there is a sports Museum and a monument to the runner Paavo Nurmi.

Interesting historical and cultural place in Helsinki is the Church, which was built in the rock. Here you can see the unusual style of its construction, and also enjoy the melodious sound of the organ consisting of pipes 43.

A large number of tourists are fans of the National Museum of Finland, where he met not only with the history of this country, but with the vast collection of historical objects.

Amazing tourist object to visit is considered to be the open air Museum Seurasaari. This Museum represents the set of households that are ethnographic objects of the state.

Finland is known for its entertainment parks and water treatment centres. That is, in these places, tourists can not only spend time but also to restore your body and improve your health. The most popular among them are considered to be «Eden», which is located in Nokia, «Autoalarm» jyväskylä «Vesihelmi» in Forssa, as well as a water Park close to Levi ski resort.

One of the largest in size is considered to be the Serena water Park. It is located in Espoo. Tourists there are offered fun in the pools, the area of which is equal to about 3000 sqm guests can relax in the Jacuzzi, enjoy the waterslide, visit the descent «Black hole», enjoy the massaging waterfalls, cave saunas, and a restaurant «Granik».

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