Culinary tourism or where to go gourmet?

Culinary tourism is every day becoming more and more popular! There is a special kind of tourists who travel to different countries to enjoy the local culinary art. This gives you the opportunity to learn the history of a people, to get acquainted with people and to witness the preparation of dishes of national cuisine and, perhaps, home to repeat this process myself. Truly gourmet before traveling is to get acquainted with the national dishes of the country where he is going to learn their names and how they are prepared. It would be nice to explore the local traditions and rules of etiquette, and rules for the use of exotic fruits and meat.

Culinary tourism and gastronomic tours for everyone!

There are several countries in which food and its preparation is practically built into the cult, that there quite often are organized gastronomic tours. These include France, where a meal used to solve important issues, and the dishes washed down with fine wines. French cuisine is full of celery and asparagus, artichokes and Brussels sprouts and other healthy vegetables. Foodies will not be able to resist the cheeses, types of which there are more than 400. The Italians can boast of 300 types of pasta, ravioli and soups, seafood and vegetables.

Austria will surprise travelers with unique desserts: Austrian cakes will not leave anyone indifferent. In the cosy café you can enjoy meat dishes according to old recipes and enjoy «hariharan» – a local young wine. Egypt will offer travelers the traditional Arab table: roasted pigeons, cheese with herbs, halva and kozinaki. What the Egyptians modest, so it is in the drinking: I drink very little, and cost the tourist will be very expensive.

Fans of sharp little recommend to visit Mexico: it is famous for the variety of pepper. Dishes are quite spicy, and eaten with special bread from corn flour. At least the original kitchen in China: here eat virtually everything that moves. Tourists can offer to eat worms, caterpillars or larvae. Chinese chefs like to experiment and discover something new every day. Unusual and that the process of eating can interrupt the flow of tea and sweet, then again may be offered soups and meat dishes.

Resorting to culinary tourism, travelers often face problems with the intestines, as the human body is not accustomed to a particular food. Therefore, do not need too much to experiment with unfamiliar exotic food, and it is desirable to have a first aid kit with minimal set of drugs.

If you want to go on a gastronomy tour, but do not know a foreign language, English courses for new year’s holidays in Moscow will help you. English is one of the most common languages, the possession of which will help you explain in most countries of the world.

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