Cuisine is classic Italian and features

Cuisine is classic Italian and features

The centuries-old tradition of cabinetmakers of the Peninsula, their experience and professional secrets embodied in the amazing shapes of each of the products of modern furniture brands of Italy. This country has given the world many ideas and brilliant concepts in furniture fashion, forming a whole separate stylistic directions and solutions for the various premises. Pride of place in the production of local furniture manufacturers is a classic Italian cuisine. Such products are the harmonious combination of talented design solutions, traditional and modern technologies of woodworking and elegant design ideas.

Classic Italian cuisine: style features

Strict proportions, just great lines and elegant forms distinguish Italian furniture. Filigree carving that covers the surface of the facade and intricate patterns, gilt and patina — all of these techniques allow Italian artists to create wonderful examples of kitchen sets. A variety of classic Italian cuisine presented on the site Mebel-mr. They embody the rich traditions of local craftsmen and talented striking findings of modern designers.

For the manufacture of such furniture used accurate modern woodworking equipment and lots of manual labor. In their creation participate modern masters Cabinet makers, which are adorned with decorative carved elements surface detail, creating masterpieces of furniture production. Each element is carefully processed and adjusted, allowing you to form a coherent composition that surprise by their quality and precision.

In creating classic Italian cuisine uses only solid wood. The sturdy frames are decorated with striking facades, and numerous shelves allow you to conveniently position the various items. For finishing surfaces can be used a variety of techniques: from creating patterns, gilding, silvering or patina to the carving, inlays or appliques.

Features Italian cuisine

Traditional kitchen sets are complemented by exquisite inlays of forged steel, natural stone, ceramic or non-ferrous metals. This combination of different types of materials allows not only to beautify, but to strengthen the design, forming a practical and functional surface of the furniture with an excellent performance. Striking metal handles on doors and drawers, simple and reliable fittings ensure convenient use of different elements.

Many drawers, shelves and practical work surfaces create a comfortable space for fast cooking. Classic Italian dishes allow you to conveniently divide the room into functional zones. Here you can relax and eat with the whole family during weekdays and during holiday feasts with many guests.

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