Crossover — fashion trend of urban motorists

Crossover - fashion trend of urban motorists

Crossover has become a fashion trend among urban motorists. The syndrome of «big city» often makes the residents of big cities to escape from the cities to the countryside. An indirect sign of an attempt to escape – are You tired of ride on the sedan. I want to go into the forest, not to notice the curbs to Park in the snow, proud to pass on the ice, but you never know… It’s a sign that it is time to purchase crossover!

The difference of SUV and crossover

However, what is the difference between a SUV and a crossover? SUVs typically have a frame structure, high ground clearance, powerful drivetrain with razdatkoy, reduction gear and differential locks. It is a vehicle chosen by fishermen, hunters and lovers of off-road. The SUV rides on any road or without it, he doesn’t need a map – a vector among the natural obstacles. There is a perception that sissy-crossovers are slowly replacing the real fighters off-road. These SUVs according to the statistics becomes smaller, some not updated for decades, and get only a superficial restyling.

What is a crossover?

Crossover – this all terrain vehiclethat has a function wheel formula 4×4. Unlike the traditional SUV, it features to overcome the landscape is not so absolute. However, the benefits of a crossover for city dwellers, not captured offroad, fishing or hunting. Dimensions much smaller than the frame of the «monster», fuel consumption approaches consumption of a sedan and the capabilities, compared with the sedan is wider. He knows how to move off-road (if not to throw him into a trophy), to stand on a Parking in inappropriate places, to rescue from the snow buddies on the sedan, to drive from the country the mother-in-law and autumn vegetables, not meshing «belly» on the ground.

How to choose a crossover?

If You resolutely refused «nadopasana» or «putter», the problem arises of the choice of crossover from the wide range presented by the automotive industry. Over the past few years, the crossover segment has grown significantly. Often the manufacturer calls this class of cars «SUVs», but it’s more of a publicity stunt, after all any driver wants to think that underneath the powerful «beast». Envious people, believed to be often called the SUVs «the SUV«. However, these vehicles are increasingly popular and gained the trust of motorists.

How to choose a crossover, if the price and specifications of different models from different manufacturers look like? In any case, should look at the many models and manufacturers, to read thousands of characters in forums and websites before the choice is not accidental. Reviews of car specialists, who have tested dozens of cars and who have something to compare with. Do not neglect this valuable experience.

Have a good trip!

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