Crisis construction – frame house

Crisis construction – frame house

The crises follow each other, but the housing issue is relevant always. Unfortunately, the domestic real estate market is the most sensitive to currency fluctuations and problems in financial-economic sphere. But this does not mean that you should abandon your goals.

If you want to buy a house – buy it! It offers many construction companies that offer prefab house with adequate (even today) prices.

Why frame houses are cheaper?

First, the cost used for their construction materials are lower in comparison with the traditional solutions (bricks, concrete blocks and other). Here is a sandwich panel, high strength wooden frame, and finishing materials.

Secondly, in the construction of a frame house, also known as canadian, is not required the construction of a massive, and therefore expensive foundations. In such houses involved columnar-strip foundations are not very deep, but provides exceptional seismic resistance of the house.

Thirdly, construction of canadian homes is not as time-consuming as usual for our region construction. Accordingly, the object involved, a few construction team, payment of which is significantly reduced, and the final cost of construction is reduced.

Fourth, the price of these homes does not include the payment of special equipment, because it is in their construction is not involved.

Fifth, due to the fact that the frame house can be built on any soil and on any terrain, you don’t need to spend money on an expensive plot. Use your own or buy land that won’t bite at a price – our company will carry out the construction where you wish.

Sixthly, if you are working with a construction company, it is already doing a competent monetary investment. Because we offer the best in today’s housing market, the ratio quality/price – a comfortable, spacious and reliable frame house at an attractive cost.

The Builder you can trust

Construction company offers optimum conditions of cooperation – a wide variety of designs, willingness to implement initial solutions, flexible price policy, variety of payment methods and excellent punctuality.

Frame house – is your best investment!

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