Crimean coast — especially the southern and Western coasts

Crimean coast - especially the southern and Western coasts

Good time resort at the sea of the Crimean coast. The temperate climate allows you to enjoy medical air and oxygen. The summer temperature reaches 35 degrees and 18-20. In the winter time on the South coast the average temperature is set within the range -7, +4 degrees. In the West, in the winter -10 degrees Celsius is the average temperature.

When we descended from the heights of the city to the sea, there is increased humidity, and then your ears. While many cities have a subtropical climate. Features of the Crimea – mountains, headlands, rocks, sea, waterfalls and coves.

South beach and its attractions

Entertainment and leisure interesting large-scale complex measures. On the background of the tourist, you can explore the cities neighbors. Basically, each city offers small tours. To get acquainted with nature and architecture, marine charms is fascinating. During the tour there’s time for a photo session.

Choosing a holiday on the South coast, learn about Feodosia, Alushta, Alupka and Yalta. Cities were special resorts for frequent visit of tourists. An unforgettable experience will not make bored.

For example, Alushta is a resort town, divided into two parts. In one side there are hotels, bars, restaurants, fairs. In the other side there is some detachment. On a high rock is a summer camp. Holidaymakers still a lot on both.

If we consider rest in Feodosia, we encounter an architectural city. Here are preserved in museums, parks. On the Avenue near the coast is a railway.

Alupka is famous for swallow’s nest and a beautiful beach. Fabulous landscapes meet in a small town. Beautiful nature, cozy atmosphere is always happy to meet tourists and vacationers.

Remains unforgettable resort – Yalta. The rest belongs to the modern type. The pier and the ships create a comfortable experience for guests. Concerts of famous stars, mass celebrations on the coast and the beautiful architecture will be remembered for a long time. Anyone who decided to move to this city I recommend to buy a house in Yalta here.

On the South coast there are different prices. If you choose hotels or private hotels, the prices will average in the range of 500-1000 USD. In the proposal for the clients of rooms: Deluxe and standard. Quality service and best service will satisfy even strict fans of the holiday.

The West Bank and its privileges

Beautiful nature and unusual steppe area characterizes the resorts of the West coast. Ancient architecture, castles, churches – is a small part of the features of the Event. The famous cities include Evpatoria, Saki, Tarkhankut and other small towns.

Benefits for guests is available in the case of the search of solitude and nature. In the towns there is a hot climate. Since the terrain is mostly steppe. The nature here is very diverse. Many flowers and trees paint a modest holiday.

Small hotels, small houses and narrow streets appropriate to the Western cities of the Crimea. Standard entertainment: fishing, hunting & marine entertainment.

If we consider the relaxation for the treatment, in Yalta there is one of the best guest houses. In the framework of therapeutic interventions are offered mineral water, therapeutic mud, and most importantly proper nutrition.

On the economic side, on the Western part of the Crimea to rest profitable. Low price and low cost for housing will be a pleasant surprise for visitors and tourists. Rooms, food and entertainment prices are not as large as on the South coast. As attractions much less.

Thus, arriving in the Crimea, carefully review the opportunities available. Options for an unforgettable trip to the most different. Extreme and tranquil activities provided in the southern and Western part of the Crimean Peninsula.

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