Creative social advertising against Smoking

Creative social advertising against Smoking

Creative social advertising against Smoking helps to fight one of the most pervasive bad habits of mankind. Despite the fact that Smoking is now banned in most developed countries, including in Russia and Ukraine, people continue to smoke, harming the health of others. In this article you will see the most interesting variants of social anti-tobacco advertising.

Examples of social advertising against Smoking

Little known fact that the first Smoking ban was introduced in the 17th century in a small country, Bhutan, in the Himalayas. Tobacco and tobacco products are prohibited to sell and consume. If you want to bring cigarettes into the country, you will have to pay tax in the amount of about 170 euros. If you want to treat a local resident for a cigarette and get caught on it, you can not avoid paying huge fines.

In the United Arab Emirates for Smoking or distributing cigarettes you can be fined very large amounts, and even go to jail. In Ireland for Smoking in the wrong place you can be fined up to 10,000€. if you decide to smoke in the stadium in the UK, then you will bring out and impose a fine of 2500€. In Greece for the first violation a fine is 3000€, and for the re – up to 10,000€. As you can see, we treat smokers with a greater understanding.

Many examples of social advertising against Smoking openly talking about the fact that Smoking kills. This is hung on billboards installed in the streets and public places. About the dangers of Smoking is written on cigarette packets, but still people don’t want to give up their harmful habit. In the last century Smoking was the cause of the premature death of 100 million people. Tobacco dependence is equated with heroin. Even knowing all this, smokers continue to slowly but surely kill themselves and us, the people that do not smoke. All we can do is to promote Smoking cessation with the help of social advertising and to prohibit Smoking in public areas at the legislative level. About to close all the tobacco factories, for some reason, nobody even thinks, and in fact struggle with drug manufacturers. So how are they better?!

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