Creative ideas for business cards

Creative ideas for business cards 40

Creative ideas for business cards can help anyone who wants to create your own original business card. As you can see by reading this article, the main thing in the card is your name, occupation and contact details. However, you can also call in to help creative and make your business card more informative.

Creative ideas for business cards

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In search of ideas for cards to try to imagine yourself in the place of a man who sees you for the first time. Ask yourself the question:»What would I like to leave a memory about yourself?». The answer to this question round will be the main concept of the design of your business card. For example, the Barber makes a business card in the form of a comb, as the manufacturer of furniture like sofa, etc.

Use creative design when creating cards have recently. Since the emergence of business cards in Ancient China and up until the 20th century, their design was very strict and simple. Speaking of business cards, it is impossible not to recall the fragment from the movie «American psycho»:

As you can see, creativity does not smell, and the design depends on the maximum font size and color. Of course, many to this day like traditional business cards, but such people are unlikely to read my blog.

I hope you people with more free-minded and would prefer to have expressive and beautiful card, and such «like everyone else»!

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