Creative handheld and desktop business card holders

Creative handheld and desktop business card holders

Creative business cards appeared relatively recently. Besides, the card had a special relationship. About how to develop the design of the card and their purpose, you will learn from this article.

Creative handheld and desktop business card holders

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The first business card appeared almost simultaneously with the appearance of the first business cards. It was in Ancient China, roughly between 2 and 3 centuries BC. business Cards carried a Chinese Imperial officials. It was a card of wood of red color indicating the name and occupied this person office. Quite simply, concisely and without frills. As for the business card, it was carved boxes, which are often decorated with precious stones and metals. The first business card I held in all of the don card.

Much later, in Germany, card holders got their second birth. At first it was a leather book, and later albums, which puts a business card. The size of these business card holders was very large, and weight sometimes up to 15 kg.

Modern clocks have become much more comfortable and practical than their predecessors. Their diversity is divided into table and pocket options. Table often contain business cards of the owner, which he gives to its visitors. Pocket business card holders are usually of small size slightly larger than the size the round. The shape and the materials from which made business card holderscan be completely different. In this you can see looking at the examples of creative business cards in this article.

If you don’t know what to get the friend, then a gift card can help you out. If this is a creative business card with a little bit of humor, your gift is in danger of becoming the most original!

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