Creative hair dryer

Creative hair dryer

Creative hair dryer called Vintage Revolver Hair Dryer was created by the Studio Dewy Morning Vintage from Seattle. It was released back in 1981 by Jerdon Industries company. The originality of this model lies in the fact that it looks like a revolver model 357 Magnum.

Creative hair dryer Vintage Revolver Hair Dryer

It is possible to create such an original hair dryer was inspired by the similarity of a revolver and a Hairdryer. Adding a little design thinking, they got a Hairdryer, which was much more fun to dry your hair. Turn on the dryer-the gun by pressing the trigger. With a switch disguised as a guard, you can choose one of three modes of operation of the dryer: hot, warm and cold air. As you can see, the similarity with the revolver, this dryer not only external.

Hair dryer Vintage Revolver Hair Dryer is very stylish. Its handle is covered with pearls, plastic case — silver. It must be stored in special pouch-holster made of leather. This hair dryer would be a great gift for all fashionistas who love westerns and cowboy style. The main thing is to have no home this is a real revolver, because you get used to it and accidentally use it for other purposes.

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