Creative camping tents

Creative FieldCandy tents

Creative camping tentsthat you will see in this article, produces the British company FieldCandy. These tents to stay in nature will not help you to disguise in a natural environment, with them you will not be able to blend in with all the other inhabitants of the camp. On the contrary, they are created to be special and distinguish you from the crowd!

Unusual tents for camping

Individuality for the modern man became a real value. It understands the owners of the British company on production of original double tents. Their tents are available in limited quantities, as evidenced by a passport, which accompanies each product.

The idea is to produce a unique tent came the guys from FieldCandy two years ago. They hired a team of twenty creative people of different creative professions ( artists, photographers, graphic designers, illustrators, branding managers and designers of advertising) and decided to implement a project to create an ultra-lightweight waterproof double tent that will attract attention and you would want to buy one. In my opinion, they succeeded.

Tent this company consist of two parts: the upper awning with creative print and actually tents. This is a pretty big tent with size of 3.55 meters in length, 1,7 meters wide and 1,4 meters in height. Her weight is 6.3 kg. It is sewn of waterproof and fireproof fabric, has a modern easy folding mechanism, secure locks that can be closed off from the inside, vents and special pockets for all sorts of electronic gadgets. The design of this kempingowe the tent is such that between the upper awning and inner tent creates an air cushion which will provide you cool in summer and warm in the cold.

Because of its uniqueness and creativity, these camping tents are from 500 to 700 euros. The price is quite high, but each owner can be sure that he receives the goods of the present quality of English and a second tent, he is unlikely to encounter anywhere.

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