Creative and beautiful towels — 32 pieces

Creative and beautiful towels - 33 pieces

Creative and beautiful towels give your holiday more fun and originality. Such a fun towel to dry off after a shower, it is fun to go to the beach. Everyone around will immediately know that you are a person with a great sense of humor.

Creative and beautiful towels – 32 pieces


I must confess that to find such a large number of beautiful towels with cool prints, the network has proved quite difficult. Mostly all sell home textiles wholesale, or ordinary beach towels with palm trees and dolphins. Great idea with the inscription «Reserved» – lay on a sunbed and you can walk freely, everyone can see that he’s busy. I also liked the beautiful towel is in the style of Scottish skirts. Camouflage towels with a print of the sand with one hand of course lol, but it seems to me that they are very easy to lose on the beach, if not the side of the bed. If you want to show your intelligence, beach towels with quotes of great people will help you. As you can see, there are options for all, choose to your taste!

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