Courses for florists in Moscow: the rock garden – planted plants

rock garden – planted plants

After the creation of the Alpine hills of stones, comes one of the most exciting stages for beginners and experienced gardeners – selection and planting of plants. In order to learn more about the plants of the region, you can enroll florists in Moscow. It is better not to rush and to learn more about the possible contenders for a place in your rock gardens. Because he is the rock garden has different conditions for plant growth, illumination level, to better understand it before, and to gather plants in accordance with the necessary characteristics.

The South side of the hill – the most lit, North, on the contrary, the least. At the top is the dry zone, respectively at the bottom – wet. When the composition involved is very high the stones around them will be repeated the same division into zones. If some areas of the Alpine slide smoothly into the partial shade from nearby trees, it is better to plan the planting of shade-tolerant plants. Such plants include evening primrose, Hosta, Badal, periwinkle. From conifers are ideal Cossack juniper, microbiota, yew, and deciduous dwarf shrubs – cotoneaster, Euonymus, spirea, barberry.

For Sunny areas, choose drought-resistant and light-loving plants, they can be planted on the top of the hill. To a group of plants include the cleaning of all kinds and colors, but they need to be very careful. Such plants only at first look nondescript and tiny. Over time, they are very aggressive towards their neighbors. So it is better to give the territory adjacent to the slide, and they will master it very quickly, creating a good transition background.

The slide can accommodate at least light – timani, bows, saxifrage, Armeria municipality, stunted bluebells, Edelweiss, dwarf irises. Of deciduous shrubs suitable – broom, Potentilla, Privet, hybrid, softwood – pine, dwarf spruce, arborvitae, junipers. Looks very nice in the rock garden group plants with deep or bluish color of the leaves. She should devote its attention and to take the most spectacular place. In the intermediate zones, you can plant plants well tolerate partial shading – bells, repucci, violets, dead-nettle, legnicy, evening primrose. Placing plants in their places, do not get involved in one of the species, e.g., pine. Better to make a ratio: 30% – coniferous and deciduous, and 70 per cent groundcover and perennial plants.

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