Costa Rica- best beaches in the world

Costa Rica- best beaches in the world

Costa Rica is a wonderful country, located between two of the world’s oceans has a wonderful climate! More than 25% of Costa Rican territory is protected area. It is home to many exotic birds and animals as well as grow unique tropical plants, which you will not find anywhere else on the planet, all of you! Beach lovers believe that the best beaches in the worldand are found in Costa Rica.

I suggest you take a virtual tour of the beaches of Costa Rica!

The beaches of Costa Rica deserve special attention! The length of the beaches of Costa Rica has hundreds of miles! Many of them are wild and deserted.

Costa Rica on the map of the world is almost not visible, so it is small. Due to its geographical position, you can choose the beaches that are located on the coast of the Pacific ocean or the beaches, washed by the Caribbean sea. Stay in Costa Rica every year becomes more and more popular. Due to the fact that in the period from December to April, are dominated by excellent weather, this resort is chosen by the residents of European countries for the winter holiday at the seaside.

Tickets and tours to Costa Rica for the Europeans not the cheapest, but thanks to companies like Dobrolet , this journey can be done much cheaper.

After watching this video hardly anyone will argue with the fact that Costa Rica is the best country for tourism!

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