Cost planning during repair can save you

Cost planning during repair can save you

Plan for the cost of the repair will help to save money wherever possible. Cost analysis method used by both large and fine building. Repair is no exception.

The cost for the repair

To make it easier to analyze your future repair costs we will divide them into three types. The first kind of cost –materials, the second-work third-the costs of organizing.

Let’s start with the costs of the organization. For example the cost of an apartment of 50 m2. For it will need about 40 sales around 15 trips that will have to be arranged additionally, and from 5 to 15 times to organize the removal of debris. In the new building it will take about 60 thousand rubles, and about 75 thousand if it’s cheaper on the secondary market.

It is very convenient to use this calculator the cost of repair of the apartment. It can be used to calculate all the costs of finishing, plumbing and electrical work. Also, the calculator allows to consider many additional expenses that arise during the repair. Among them, the delivery and lifting of materials, installation of doors, Windows and air conditioners, insulation of balconies, garbage collection, etc.

The cost of building materials

The cost of materialsusually are divided into primary and secondary. They are relatively easy to distinguish. If there are no secondary is already possible to call on the object. Though with certain restrictions. But to do it without key it is not possible. For example, the internal conditioner blocks, without them you can survive for some time. But the route for air conditioners will treat the basic costs, because when the repair is finished, to continue their installation extremely difficult.

This item is to digress and say that repair is better to do expensive and high quality one with good reason. Although it will cost more expensive, but will last much longer. This is the difference between cosmetic repairs from renovation. Let them first time and they look almost identical, but over time the «beauty» slowly «crumble». And in 3-4 years flat can lose their appearance, and after 5-7 years, the repair have to be redone. Quality renovation , even in 5 — 10 years will look good. And if you suddenly have a whim to change something, it will take a few days and you’ll finish in a few tens of thousands rubles, and not again in a couple of million.

The cost of «Work»

Again, all the costs for works can be divided into the following components:

  1. the main volume;
  2. preparation of the project;
  3. spetsmontazh.

It is worth to note that the draft is a reasonable expenditure of funds and not a waste of money. The project, which costs 250 thousand rubles, the result can be save in the future from 350 to 600 thousand roubles.


Speaking in plain language, specmontazh work is the kind of work that can be performed separately without interfering in other types of work. As a rule, entrance doors, interior doors, installation of air conditioning, ventilation, transfer gas pipes, Internet connection, satellite TV, security and video surveillance, installation of built-in furniture.

There are still some feature of these works. As a rule, the work and required materials are ordered as a single product. Usually, they are inseparable. Is if you started buying kitchen: techniques – all in one place, assembling in another, and the furniture in the third. As a result, spent more, and guarantees had been received.

Everything else can be attributed to the subspecies «main volume». Usually, this in normal companies includes everything from demolition works to the final finishing.

The customer knows that for a fixed price he will do everything. And then not have to pay more, even if some of the necessary work that was not originally planned. In other words, the company the contract will indicate that the workers carry out all, with the exception of spetsmontazh. As a result, the customer can be sure that the costs will not be suddenly increased. Bad firms are usually the opposite.

To summarize

By adding up the cost of the project (1000 – 3000 RUB./m2) with the costs to the organization (1000 – 2000 RUB./m2) and basic materials (17 – 25 thousand rubles/m2) it is possible to calculate the total cost of quality repairs.

Typically, the costs are about 30-40 thousand rubles. per 1 m2. And to design it on your housing need, only the area of your object and multiply this number.

In conclusion I want to say that a good repair is not cheap, so don’t skimp on repairs!

Another good example of calculating the cost of repair, see this video:

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