Cosmetics. Care of nails and hands

Cosmetics. Care of nails and hands

Girls today will tell you how to care for nails, and lovely female hands. Nail care is mandatory, at least once a week to walk with a nail file, a cuticle too, always should be cut with special scissors. If you don’t follow the nails, then all will be in poor condition, dirt will get stuck in your nails, and this is another problem, the germs will always be with you. But if you have a small child, the more time to think about caring for hands and nails.

Strengthen nails

If you are too lazy, or busy, then once a month do various baths for nails and hands, you are generally steel nails. Take a walk to the store, buy a cosmetic set, it is quite inexpensive if simple to take, will cost a pretty penny.

Absolutely nothing complicated about it. Dip your hands in the bath with sea salt in warm water sprinkled sea salt and dipped, as the skin begins to soften, pull out wipe dry and proceed to the next stage. Oil bath, there is nothing complex, buy cocoa butter, poured it into a small Cup, melt it in a water bath.

The secret: That the oil did not seem very warm, hold hands a little bit in hot water. Stick the tips of your fingers into the glass, gently massage the cuticles. And cocoa butter it smells delicious and gently. You will be delighted with such procedures.

How to make a healthier skin?

The hand cream is very tone and moisturize, and soften hands. There are a few useful tips. Hand you can learn a woman’s age, status, given everything you do, easy you have a job or severe, any person will be determined by the hands of your occupation. Basically always forget to take care of their hands that they need special care, wash face every day, smear creams, and hands also need care and relaxation.

So, in order to hands was graceful it is necessary not only to apply various creams, oils, gels, masks, but have to eat wholesome meals. Are eggs, meat products, vegetables, salads, fruit, cheese, milk. It is necessary to drink vitamins, calcium, iron.

Creams, masks, gels, all these substances compensates to remove fat layer, add tenderness.

The simplest rule to care for your hands, to wipe your hands after washing, if you long to keep your hands wet, it will start to dehydration of the skin.

Cream cost apply 2 times a day morning and late afternoon, to wash their hands after using the special cream walked to the skin. 2 times a month pamper hands with a bearing, the wrap, scrapbook, mask.

The usual solution of herbs 2 tablespoons mint and 3 tablespoons of juniper, and one strawberry frozen – everything you need put it in hot boiling water, to insist 40 minutes, important discs soaked in the solution and wipe the hand, so that absorbed.

Remedy for peeling and airing, hot milk 1 Cup, 6 grams of gelatin, put in the milk, waiting until the swell and slow movements rubbing.

Grow younger with each passing day, cream nutritious! You will see the result from the first application of the cream. It will not keep you waiting long.

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