Cosmetic repairs — the main stages

Cosmetic repairs - the main stages

No sorry, but even if the repair high-quality materials used, the time comes when it becomes clear that the interior lost its original appearance: the Wallpaper changed color, covered with spots, cracked paint, the faded linoleum. Therefore, the professionals suggest to do a cosmetic repair on a regular basis, once every five years, because it has significant differences from the capital. For example: this type of repair requires much less than the cost of funds, conducting repairs around the home immediately is not mandatory; there is no need to completely remove furniture and other interior elements.

Exemplary steps carried out with cosmetic repairs in the living room, which are discussed below.

Getting rid of old coatings

To get rid of old coatings apply with a sponge soaked in hot water, as it is easily removable from the walls. To remove the plaster , you can use the brush and water in large quantity. If the ceiling is a water–dispersion paint, you can easily remove it with a spatula. The surface of enamel and oil paints sanded and the surface is subjected to primer. In some cases, it is recommended to carry out the demolition work for the removal n7alichnikov and doorways, followed by replacement them with new ones.

In General, primer is essential to almost any kind of surfaces because when using it creates a film that helps the final coating is more tightly coupled with the base. When processing soil surfaces become suitable for final processing. For durable and high-quality work the first coat should be subjected to the walls and ceiling. Eventually you will get good Wallpaper, and peeling paint.

Repair the ceiling surface

The entire ceiling surface must be cleaned and aligned, and if necessary, proshpaklevat quality spackling compound. A primer layer under the plaster or painting should be applied after the previous stage. When choosing between whitewashing and painting, it must be remembered that, along with the present painting is notable for its expensive cost. Furthermore, whitewashing is much less susceptible to the appearance of mold, which is very important in rooms with high humidity.

Repair of walls

Most often, the walls are painted or pasted Wallpaper. You can find a compromise – paintable Wallpaper. The use of such Wallpapers will very quickly make a radical change in interior design: just need to paint them any other color. When carrying out repairs on their own, non-woven Wallpaper is the perfect solution, as they are perfectly level walls can easily be glued. Selecting this option does not require alignment of the picture, paste the wall Wallpaper under force even to a layman.

Painting surfaces

Replacement of doors, floors, window sills and frames is part of redecoration. In the case of the use of wooden components, they must be covered with modern paints based on, for example, colorless nail Polish.

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