Cornices for suspended ceilings — elegance and style

Cornices for suspended ceilings - elegance and style

In the interior the main accent always falls on the window openings. Cornices for suspended ceilings must not only perform its functional purpose – to keep the curtains, but also beautiful to complement your design. Than elegant and refined you make them, the more stylish it will look in your room. Modern cornices, which are now manufacturers offer a huge number, in their proper selection can emphasize the dignity of the room.

Carnesi for natina STEL

How to increase the space of the room

If your room has low ceilings, the ideal solution for window openings is a ceiling cornice. They are especially relevant for suspended ceilings. However, in this case, it is necessary to clearly define where it will be attached to the eaves. The place you need to install a wooden beam or timber plywood. This must be done in order then, during installation of the cornice, a thin film of the ceiling is not broken. This type of attachment allows you to create the illusion that your curtains radiate from the ceiling.

What a ledge

It is a flat tire, which is attached to the ceiling surface. It seems to be not quite visible, but can significantly improve your interior. These items simple and practical, convenient for them to care. But not so simple in the modern world! Cheerful designers came up with a novelty: the rods, which can also illuminate your room. In their basis-weight profile to which conventional construction adhesive glued the light bar.

The layout of the hidden eaves Source: gidshtor/cornice/karnizy-dlya-natyazhnyx-potolkov.html

On the ceiling or on the wall?

Many wonder: where better to strengthen the eaves, if there is a suspended ceiling – on the same or on the wall? About the benefits of mounting on the ceiling we have already said, now consider the advantages of fixing to the wall. There are several:

  • minimum cost, because the prices are quite affordable;
  • a wide variety of different forms, interesting structures and various materials;
  • easy to install.

Wall cornice is convenient because you swap or change the design of the room outweigh it to another place quite easily.

What to prefer?

Cornices for ceilings, depending on the texture, come in several forms:

  1. Wood. Their advantages – presentability and respectability. Disadvantages – heavy and massive. However, with skillful selection of the cons can be easily negated.
  2. Aluminum. Pros – they are very durable and light. However, if curtains are heavy, such as velvet, worth checking out, you will stand aluminum rods that burden and they will not bend.
  3. Plastic. The most expensive of all the rods, very easy to use, easy to clean, allow the curtains silently to glide along the runners. I do not advise to use in the kitchen and bathrooms is plastic readily absorbs grease and moisture and improper maintenance of the eaves may fade.
  4. Steel. Aesthetically elegant and look very expensive. They can decorate various wrought iron swirls overlaid wooden jewellery, plastic items. In General, is where imagination run wild. The only negative is a fairly expensive accessory, therefore, need to blend seamlessly into your interior.

Decoration design

Choosing cornices for suspended ceilings, remember the main rule – they must be a decoration of your room. Flow rails can be made visible and hidden alcove, they can be mounted on the wall. With their help it is possible to play the colors and texture of fabrics, showing their originality and uniqueness.

Source: GidShtor

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