Concrete in interior design — a fashion trend

Concrete in interior design - a fashion trend

Yes, it is about concrete in interior design now it will go. Let this material and it seems very brutal, but they can arrange furniture, accessories and of course, the interior. Not so long ago, concrete was used only for construction and very carefully concealed under treatment. But times have changed and many new styles. That concrete began to be used in industrial style and loft style. Interestingly, the concrete really decorates the house, in addition, also looks very fashionable. Actually, that’s why he has gained such large popularity.

The history of the use of concrete in design

In 1950-ies of the designers are encouraged to use concrete. It was even called «the marble of the twentieth century.» The material itself is inexpensive, its very easy to find, it is not affected by any moisture or changes in temperature, in addition, the material is also environmentally friendly.

Very often in industrial buildings is found in the concrete as a floor covering, in shopping malls, by the way, too. Of course, at home it can be used anywhere, as the material is cold. In the bedroom or nursery it is better not to use, but for the kitchen or the balcony it is fine. Although if you arrange it the «warm floor», it is quite possible to use concrete even in the bedroom. By the way, very well and that this coating has a non-slip admixture, so fall is not necessary. Make your own opinion about interior design – photo gallery will help you.

But it is important to note that concrete can be easily polished and painted. It’s no problem to put a picture or engraving as an option. Causing the concrete polymer coating, you can easily create a texture of wood or marble. By the way, very convenient to use such a move when the concrete floor bored and want something new.

Where can I use concrete?

Concrete is used not only for the flooring. It is suitable for walls and ceiling. Walls made of such material, will create a real «masculine» style. By the way, in order to make room in the style of an industrial loft and not spend a lot of money, the best option will be the concrete. Even in a country house where a lot of nature, concrete will look very interesting.

Do not be afraid that the concrete is fully gray. Since the beginning of the washes seem that he’s bored, but if you decorate it with bright posters and add well-chosen furniture, it will never get bored. Furniture can be used anywhere, regardless of style. It can be in the style of hi-tech and classic. And the furniture of the twentieth century will look just perfect, plus it will add to the bright interior accents. You need to remember that in order to was very rude, should do only one concrete wall.

Concrete ceiling is rarely used, it is not surprising, as it is a great burden. It looks good mostly in big rooms. This is very interesting look ceiling lamps made of metal.

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