Concrete floor, as part of the interior — is it possible?

Concrete floor, as part of the interior - is it possible?

Did someone dictate rules with regard to the situation in your home? Specifically, who announced to the world that the floors in the house should be extremely familiar to us? Why do we, making repairs, furnishing their own homes, I always try to hide the concrete Foundation flooring, linoleum, etc. Because a concrete floor can be a feature of your interior.

One of the reasons that people can not even imagine a room with a concrete floor, there is a fixed idea of how it looked in the Soviet era. Because then, the construction of apartments or houses, not really thought about the quality and appearance. But today, modern materials and technologies can make your room in the style of industrial or minimalist with the perfect high quality concrete floors. While it is perfectly suitable for any type of room. Be it living room, bathroom or kitchen – concrete floor will be a special addition, because it has many advantages: smooth surface, does not cause texture and color, brevity and restraint.

In order to make high-quality concrete, you need a good mixer, here stroyteh/category/betonomeshalki/, water, sand and cement. Concrete, as a material for flooring can be called the most simple.

A big plus is that the concrete is well set off the different textures in the interior. It goes well with any wood, metal, plastic, glass. About the color scheme, it will suit absolutely any colour scheme.

For example, the kitchen can be done in a modern style with 2-3 colors. Let the cabinets are made of bright purple and dark grey wood table with white base and glass top, and chairs with metal base and dark purple lining. All this will complement the metal shell, jewelry, devices, a few plants in the white pots, paintings in the style of minimalism, and of course the concrete floor.

Living room with concrete floors perfectly complement light-colored walls and pastel textures.

Concrete floor looks expensive and stylish, at the level of stone or marble, but its price is much lower. For bathrooms it is also a great find, because a good tile will cost too expensive. In addition, the concrete is not inferior to it for its hygienic and moisture proof qualities, it is easy to wash and it does not scratch.

Among the disadvantages are the fact that it has very low wear resistance and considerable dusting. That’s why the concrete cover in the pure form are hardly used.

Concrete floor, considering all the pros and cons – inexpensive, practical and elegant addition to any interior.

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