Concept bracelet phone Dial

Conceptually bracelet-Dial phone

Conceptual bracelet-phone Dial, despite its external and internal futurism the basis of self-concept has an old disc telephone. Its creators made it so that the phone number is dialed, finger on the disk, just like old times.

Even now, in the era of touch screens and satellite communication, wanting to call someone, we say «dial». Here are just a dial already long gone rare exceptions are still in public institutions, and find their place in the apartments of retro lovers.

Cell phone bracelet Dial (phone) conceptual creation of a young South Korean designer with an unpronounceable name Jung Dae Hoon is intended to win the hearts of those who want to have a stylish and innovative phone. Item can be worn on the wrist, the dial is almost «like in the old days»: you need to put the phone in the form of a bracelet Dial (phone) on a flat surface, and it will be projected the numbers «stacked disk». Dialing by pressing on the end of the bracelet. Very interesting and fresh approach to the habitual things a modern interpretation of the classics.

Of course, to find such concept phones in the sale, so far, impossible. However, the site 5ok quite a lot of modern models that also have the surprise of its owner.

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