Competent drape the Windows in your home

Competent drape the Windows in your home

Empty, no cover the window will give any room a dull and unkempt appearance. This will help avoid the right drape the Windows, and in the case of location of housing on lower floors or close to another house she will perform not only the function of interior decoration, but also allow you to hide the apartment from unwanted glances. Designers currently can offer various solutions in this field. Properly implemented imagination can make the room original and the interior is complete. Aspects which necessarily require consideration when choosing drapery – purpose room, the size of the Windows they enter. To decorate the Windows using different fabrics: from the ceremonial velvets and brocades to simple cotton and wool. Any piece of cloth if desired, and the ability to transform into a beautiful drape, giving the original form, creating folds and twists.

In General, all curtains can be divided into two categories: roll-up and sliding models. They are made using different fabrics and secrets. Material for lifting of curtains, often acts as cotton or silk. By the way, among the silk curtains stand out «French», the specificity of which is expressed in large dimensions. The excessive length and width can give the fabric the shape of the waves, and, if desired, and tie each section with a decorative braid. Sliding curtains are no less diverse. Depending on expired the top edge of the fabric, they have a relief of a different nature (box, straight folds, etc.). Popular product in this category are curtains with ties, they don’t look quite classically, giving the room the playfulness and mystery. You can buy curtain fabrics on the website an-solomon. here you will find a huge range and many useful ideas for the design of your Windows. Also, here you can order tailoring and installing of curtains.

If you want to drape a large window in a spacious room, will help the pelmet. Correctly placing it, will be released to the extent necessary to underline, or change the proportions of the window. With regard to harmonious combination of valances and curtains – the material from which they are made, not always have to be identical. You can pick up fabrics of different textures and shades, it is important not to overdo it.

Another popular option is the use of tulle, not just the white grid, which can be seen on any window in the Soviet period, individual items of any color.

Designers often prefer this technique as layering. But this work is delicate, very easy to make a mistake and turn an interesting idea into cheesy embodiment. Heavy curtains are complemented to fly materials that can become the focus and highlight of any room.

Finally, the curtains today combine blinds and more harmonious will look like a cloth version of a classic. Especially fit such an ensemble in the interior, created in the style of country music.

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