Comfortable sauna in the apartment. How to make it work?

There are three options for construction of the sauna in the apartment.

  • Ready steam by analogy with a shower. Convenient and fast, but more expensive than other options. The user is limited in the choice of options.
  • Sauna in the apartment with his hands. Impossible without certain skills, but allows to specify the wishes in terms of benefits materials, type of illumination, the selection of the furnace. Requires additional attention when planning the wiring, and ventilation.
  • Professionally made sauna under the key. Cost is either cheaper or slightly more expensive than building with your own hands. You can check this – is there any online resource with handy calculator to calculate the value of this pair. Here you can specify all the terms and 10 seconds to obtain a rough estimate of construction costs.

In all cases the final cost of the project over all will depend on the size of the steam room, its furniture and engineering systems. Area apartment saunas are counted from the opportunities of the bathroom. In modern apartments can be arranged as a small stall just the meter on, and a fairly spacious room.

The project «Rest home», where you can discuss and calculate, not getting up from the computer, future construction costs, probation offers maximum capacity of 4*4 meters. This is not the limit, the company has long been engaged in similar construction works for any projects.

Panels of African oak, abachi, it’s easy to make a comfortable bench, as the wood quickly adopts the temperature of the human body upon contact.

Oven, lighting and decorative elements

The heart of any sauna is the stove, which in the apartment can be done in one of three options.

  • classic wood stove, expensive but comfortable.
  • electric oven: connects to a standard network, consumes no more washing machine.
  • modern infrared furnace, the most economical.

In the construction of saunas turnkey, additional ventilation is not necessary. Everything is provided in the project. Insulation also comes in the overall estimate, so that the requirements it to the bathroom in the room is minimal. In the light of possible variations such as illumination diode or a standard lighting system (angled ceiling, dim lights under the bench).

You can schedule decorative lighting or decoration of the walls with natural stones, Himalayan salt. This will increase the total amount of the estimates, but adds its own nuance of the sauna interior and enhance its beneficial qualities.

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