Colored books for baby: DIY

Colored books for baby: DIY

You haven’t faced the problem of lack of color books in your desired language? Beautiful colored books for the baby is today a rarity. If you want to please the child with a quality seal, and have the possibility of reading, not manipulation, of text?

Offering cheap and uncomplicated way to seal someone else’s text! Some useful tips from my own practice:

Find a book: preferably on good thick paper, preferably on cardboard. This book will live longer (hard to break), and the difference in thickness of the pages plastered on the ground will be invisible. Choose books in which the text does not fit on the image – otherwise some will have to sacrifice.

How to seal? The first time I used PVA. This glue holds great, but dense enough pages to get wet and rotate. The second time I tried the glue stick. To put it much simpler, it turns out has been kept but worse – some places had to glue the next day (might have fallen in the poor quality of this particular glue stick). Alina saw another fiction – special paper label for the printer. I think this is the Easiest option, although more expensive.

Russian text can be found in the Internet or transfer themselves.

Formatted. To format the text so that it perfectly to foreign language. It’s easy to do in Word – it displays the document in actual size: simply attach the book to the monitor and compare. You must first choose the size of the font, and then to distribute the text so that it occupied the space between the drawings.

Cut and glue. Sharp corners better than round – less risk that the child touches the sticker. If paper books are dense enough, need to paste, without stretching the paper (this is especially significant when the «wet» adhesion) – so that the paper is dry, sit the page to fix it. If the book scardona, then after gluing you should put it under a press (several encyclopedias) for a few days.

You can also print books in a foreign language by editing the text. Thus, the new printer cartridges and packs of paper will allow you to make a variety of unique books that are not found in the sale!

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