Color wedding dresses: every girl on my dress.

Color wedding dresses: every girl on my dress.

Since ancient times , the bride was connected with her girlish innocence and spiritual purity. That’s why a wedding is customary to dress the bride in white – a symbol of innocence, tenderness and peace. Today, brides have more opportunities in choosing what color wedding dress can be very different. And since each color has a certain psychological impact, when choosing the color of the dress you should consider some information from this region.

The blue color symbolizes calmness and tranquility. This color is a symbol of loyalty and devotion. The bride chose a wedding dress in blue is, most likely, the young lady who needs calm and trusting relations with others. Wedding dress this color is very rare. For example, here milanovera/svadebnye-platya/ I only found dresses classic colors.

Lemon – the color of carelessness and fun. This color is associated with a feeling of great happiness in its various manifestations! Expectations of a bright future, a way out of difficult situations, emancipation is what said connotations. A bridewho dared to wear yellow – the person is frivolous, has a constant thirst for changes. She is attracted to new things, so she loves shopping and often go to the page of the online jewelry store looking for a new.

Red is the symbol of the wastefulness of vitality. Associated with the desire to achieve goals and achieve success in everything! Determination, persistence, constant movement!

Green hue prefer active girl, a gambler, has authority among friends. Arrogance, desire to dominate and control the situation, the accuracy in each issue, a great memory, and the accuracy of the language – here is a typical «green» bride. Such ladies, as women’s watch – where correctness, accuracy, simplicity and quality are the main advantage.

Purple is a mystical color! Is that the long-awaited turns into reality come true innermost desires. Bride in purple dress wants to arouse universal admiration and respect. Typically, these dreamers who are «daydreaming» -are the immature personalities, students or women who are preparing to become a mother.

Gray – neutral color, it does not have any psychological parameters. One thing is clear, the young lady, which will acquire a grey dress, want to protect themselves from others. Commitments external influence society – all of it unlike her. Distance, mystique – favorite concepts for a person. In other words, the bride in gray is the «gray cardinal» in our society.

Girls who wish to look original and bright in their wedding, prefer shades such as bright pink, orange or ultramarine.

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