Coffee machine — to trust her cooking coffee?

Coffee maker - trust in her coffee

Coffee is a brown liquid, hot, sweet, happy morning in my Cup. As experts say, a good coffee can be called if cooking was used a good grain and the cooking process was not allowed errors.

Turkish coffee is the most widely known method of preparation of the drink. You can compare it with the ritual and the coffee acquires an incomparable, a special touch. To cook it, you will have to first grind the grain finely enough, then pour the powder in the coffee maker and add water and then boil, adhering to a set of rules. Must be used only soft water, and instead of fire, you can take the hot sand. Coffee will be ready when a thick foam. The result pleases not only the taste but also the aroma. But the more firmly in the life of modern man was part of coffee, the higher was the interest in techniques that would allow to make it faster. Because the inhabitants wanted to get a drink, without grounds in the Cup, and quickly welded, the engineers were able to invent the coffee maker and coffee machine.

There are very cheap electric coffee makers. However, such coffee machine is not recommended to buy, because the coffee machine repair Saeco or similar can cost you quite expensive. The most widely used form of droplets that are known as filter type. There is a heating element on it is the water, its temperature increases, reaches almost the level of boiling and then a thin stream is fed into the filter, where it has already been downloaded pre-grind coffee.

But espresso is the drink that wins and the aroma and taste. It is noticeably stronger. In order to prepare, you need to use a special kind of coffee makers and machines that are espresso. If the name translated from Italian, you get «fast brewed coffee», it is assumed that he is prepared directly with the client in a special machine. The principle is this: water is heated to 90-95 degrees, the pressure rises to 9 ATM, then passes through the ground coffee goes up to a half minute. The Cup is filled with a thick beverage with a strong aroma and a strong taste. On top there is a foam coffee lovers appreciate it very highly.

Espresso preparation is a task that can be trusted. It may be a bean type may be combined. Common super-automatic. Carob is such that when the coffee is poured in to a cone. Here is placed the powder for one serving, you can make two cups. The pressurized water gets to the coffee and passes through it in the drink can be dispensed in pre-filled cups. There are varieties of carob automatic coffee machines and semi-automatic. The second option is when the operator starts and stops the Strait of water that allows you to adjust how much liquid is in the Cup. Automatic is a system, where the operator pre-programs the how much water you pour into the Cup, and then a mechanism to cope with the problem himself.

Superautomatic is the machine where a built-device for grinding coffee beans. Drink automated. You must first fill the grain, which turns the grinder into a powder. Then he pressed in a pill and through it must pass pre-heated to the desired water level. Obtained coffee is poured into the Cup, the tablet is ejected it has a special tank. To use such a machine easy, it requires a minimum of time. So the coffee was ready, only need to click one button and to substitute a Cup for a short time to enjoy a great quality drink. Modern machines have very large life – up to 50 thousand portions. All kinds of machines are freestanding, there are built-in.

Different people have different taste preferences. Companies manufacturing the coffee machine, trying to take into account all the gradations of taste. The electronic panel allows you to set different parameters – the grind and amount of coffeeto use to make the drink, temperature of water, its volume. All this affects both the coffee strength and taste it. You can configure what will be the interval of time between the wetting of the tablets and making coffee. The operator programs the company, the machine remembers it and refers to programs in the preparation of each new Cup.

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