CocoonTree — tents to stay at altitude

CocoonTree - tents to stay at altitude

CocoonTree – up tents to stay on altitude was created by the same French company. This is great !!tent!! designed for a beach holiday and for travel.

The first travellers who had to spend the night away from home were the ancient hunters and shepherds. Often they spent the night under the open sky, suffering from bugs and weather conditions as well as the risk of becoming victims of predators. Later, they learned to make shelter, make fire and create simple barriers. Today, if you go camping enough to buy a reliable tent.

Modern !!travel tents!! created with the latest technological developments. Their creators try to consider all possible situations, which can get travellers. Was no exception and the tent CocoonTree. Suspended between trees, it is able to protect its residents not only from the animals that move along the ground, but also protects from insects. Case !!tents!! created from sturdy canvas material, stretched aluminum rod 24. When folded, the entire structure weighs just over 50 pounds. Despite its apparent fragility, this tent is able to withstand the weight of fifteen hundred pounds. The inner space has a diameter of 3 meters, which corresponds to the parameters of a small room. Here can comfortably accommodate two to four people. The developers claim that if you want, you can also camping inside the air conditioner or heating device that will make this tent more like a full house.

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