Clockwork creative use cases

Clockwork creative use cases

The clock mechanism in the right hands can turn into an original clock with a unique design. Before this craft were available only to the watchmakers, but has now become available to everyone. In this article you will find some interesting ideas using clockworks.

What is clockwork?

The clock mechanism is a small box that contains a small motor with a chip and a couple of batteries. On one side is trib minute and hour hands that rotate these respective arrows. The chip responsible for the accuracy of synchronous movement of the hands. These timepieces come in different sizes, with pendulum and without.

The first who understood and began to use mechanical clock movement for their own purposes, have become lovers of needlework, industrial designers and interior designers. In order to make the clock using the built-in clock mechanism, you will need a minimum of skills and high fantasy. The hardest part of this job – to come up with an original facade for their future hours. It can be small wall clock, creative clock unusual shape, watch for toy house, or something else to your taste.

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The facade for hours, can be made of plywood or particle Board, decorative plates, paintings, old records, calendar, and other flat surfaces on which it will be convenient to note the hours value. if you want your future timepiece was not only male, but also showed the time, don’t forget to buy the clock. It is better to choose the arrows in a contrasting color to the surface of the watch facade to make it more visible. The same applies to digits indicates the hours value. You can also buy them in one of the many shops that sell products for needlework, or draw your own.

An advantage of homemade hours you can call something that you can do it that way so that they perfectly combined with your interior design. It’s enough to paint the facade of hours one of the colors that were used during the repair. You can also use the remnants of Wallpaper, flooring or linoleum. You can hide the clock movement for wall clock in a book, a painting or a box to hang instead of arrows their own versions of signs such as circles or spirals. In this article I have collected for you a lot of bright examples of what may be wall clock manufacturer which has engaged in numerous creative designers. From this collection everyone will be able to learn a lot of interesting ideas that, in the future, can be used as a basis for its own design of the original watch. This activity can be a great hobby or even turn into a good business. Homemade watches are widely popular because of their exclusiveness and uniqueness.

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