Clean water in your home aeration method

Clean water in your home aeration method

Clean water suitable for drinking today has become a real problem not only for urban residents but also for the population as a whole. This is due to outdated pipelines, acid rain and pollution in groundwater of various chemical wastes. In this article you will learn how to solve the problem of clean water in your home.

Clean water in your home aeration method

Clean water in your home aeration method 2

In modern cities, clean water is often contaminated with impurities of iron, manganese and hydrogen sulfide. The first two elements precipitating, polluting pipeline, and visible even when you turn on the tap water. Rich in iron and manganese water has a yellowish color and an astringent taste. The use of such water can lead to serious diseases of the skeletal system. This is why purification of water from iron and manganese is becoming a priority for all who want to drink really clean water.

The hydrogen sulfide in the water comes from the decomposition of various sulfur-containing vegetable and animal proteins. This colorless gas with odor of rotten eggs gives the water a sweet taste and, in large concentrations, is able to corrode even the metal.

As you can see, the picture is far from pleasant. However, to get rid of this problem by using modern water purification systems, aeration method. Its essence lies in the fact that the water is artificially saturated with oxygen, which oxidizes the contained ferrous iron to ferric which precipitates and is easily removed using a sediment filter. However, the process of Stripping hydrogen sulfide and other dissolved gases resulting in a clean water suitable for drinking. Such iron removal and purification is very effective, and systems operating according to this principle, highly efficient and do not require updating of the chemicals, which makes them even more cost effective.

To date, the aeration of water available in the household and industrial scale. For all who care to tap it flowed really clean waterthat is not detrimental to his health, is the possibility of individual installation of such systems. Unfortunately, this method is still not taken as a core for all urban wastewater treatment plants.

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