Classification of systems of drainage or Sewerage

Classification of systems of drainage or Sewerage

For settlements, industrial enterprises and other objects in the design need of resettlement systems. This is because water that is served to the consumer after use, as a rule, loses its original quality and requires subsequent removal from the area as sewage.

First comes the division into external and internal drains.

Exterior drainage systems

Under external drainage system refers to the centralized sewage. The contents of the sewage that flows by gravity or via pumping stations to remove the waste water, followed by purification and a withdrawal into the pond. Such treatment facilities in the city, tend to create two types:

  • Combined, suitable for redirecting household and industrial water outside the city in the direction of treatment facilities.
  • The rain, which absorb water through the collectors and dump relatively clean waste waters in a reservoir near the city. If there is a need – erected treatment plants.

Sewage in cities is arranged at the requirement of the building regulations. The treatment plant is the site of an industrial type, which is capable of effectively treating waste water coming out of the city, to measure pollution discharge to the pond was permissible concentration.

Internal drainage systems

Internal drainage systems are divided into 3 types:

  • Household.
  • Industrial.
  • Rainy.

Domestic wastewater

Household systems operate without pumping stations via a slope drain. Often they are called internal. In every apartment building uses this type of sanitation. Used to divert water from showers, sinks, toilets, washing machines, etc., the system performs the function of collecting wastewater and transporting them to the outer sewage system.

Industrial drainage systems

Production of plums are quite different and differ from the types of production and use process, and technology. It is intended for waste water with industrial buildings. In these types required to have sewage treatment plants, pumping stations and other equipment. In the production merge sewage water after washing filters, parts and empty containers.

Rain water disposal systems

Used for the accumulation and removal of sediment from roadways, walkways, rooftops, etc. generally used pipe of metal or plastic, which are installed near roadways and pedestrian areas contributing to the care of water in channels centralized sewer. To get the most effective drainage of water sometimes use a combination of techniques. Each system is designed and planned individually based on the type of soil, features of the building, roof type and so on.

It is important to know that public storm sewers are permitted to put exclusively the waste water from the surface to avoid failures, the state and health of all the parts and everything was absolutely safe for the staff.

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