Classification of special machinery MAZ

Classification of special machinery MAZ

No process of construction can not do without the involvement of trucks and special equipment, saves time and labor costs. One of the recognized leaders in the production of inexpensive and reliable technology is a special purpose company MAZ. This explains the emergence of a large number of companies, activity of which is the sale of MAZ.

What are the main types of machinery offers a range of MAZ?

Model number MAZ will allow you to choose equipment for any type of work and road conditions. The main types include:

  1. Dump truck is designed for transporting agricultural products and bulk cargo. A wide range of capacities and a modern hydraulic system of the body determine its ongoing relevance with customers.
  2. Tractor unit, which is a universal technique. Has the economical diesel engine, high-tech control system electrical equipment and has affordable cost.
  3. All-wheel-drive MAZ – one of the most reliable vehicles for the transport of passengers and goods in difficult road and weather conditions.
  4. Flatbed truck, allows transporting almost any cargo. The use of special additional trailer can significantly increase the carrying capacity of the composition. The advantage is the ability to change the platform with covered or open sides or the installation of a frame tent for the conversion of the truck to the van.
  5. Medium-duty truck is the best option for the transport of goods, too dimensional for a van, but not tough enough to attract the towing vehicle.

Regardless of the type, the entire range of special machinery MAZ, which can be found on the website avtonom77, high reliability, efficiency and maintainability, possibility to use in difficult conditions and the best ratio of quality and price.

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