Classic Italian Villa Arrighi

Classic Italian Villa Arrighi

Classic Italian Villa – Villa Arrighi about eleven centuries belongs to the family of count Antonio Bolza. Nestled among the hills of Umbria in a Sunny location and is also known as the «green heart of Italy», this Villa virtually unchanged since medieval preacher of St. Francis Of Assisi.

Classic Italian Villa Arrighi


The area where is located the Italian Villa Arrighi primarily for agricultural purposes. Here is grown wheat, olives, grapes and tobacco. Umbria is not going to the sea, which is a unique fact for the Italian region. It is also the most ecologically clean region, much of which consists of wildlife sanctuaries.

Arrighi Villa built in the Romanesque style and situated on a large hill, wooded. It offers a magnificent view of the surrounding countryside. She looks particularly pretty in the morning sun, filtering through the haze of a predawn mist.

Today the guest of the Italian Villa Arrigo can be anyone. Floor area is 613 square metres. Offers six stunning bedrooms with EN-Suite, a large bright kitchen-dining room and a library. Of water fans will love the large pool located near the house. Construction and maintenance of swimming pools in this class there is a divided opinion, but the staff easily takes care of its purity and best.

In this Italian Villa can host up to 12 people, not counting staff. The cost of rent depending on the time of year is 23 to 30 thousand dollars.

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