Circulation pump for heating is an important device in the house

The heating system of a private cottage or a country manor should be functional and effective. For its reliable construction design is often inserted circulation pump for heating, which serves to increase the pressure of the water and gives uniform heating of all residential buildings. In the standard coolant circulation, pressure for heating of multistory house is not enough.

Competent and prompt selection of the circulation pump for heating depend on various criteria. The market offers various model PDT-nasos/nasosy/cirkulyacionnye-nasosy, which can be grouped into the following main categories: pumps with rotor of dry and wet type.

Circulating pump for heating wet

In pumping equipment with a wet rotor circulation pump fully immersed in the heat carrier. Therefore, in the process, the device can effectively cool down, protecting itself from overheating. Apparatus for the wet type have the following positive features:

  • the minimum cost;
  • low noise level during operation;
  • a small expenditure on periodic maintenance.

Such systems are relevant for continuous use in small houses. They have a low efficiency, but in such a small area provide optimum operation of equipment for heating.

Pumps dry

If you need to find circulation pump for heated towel rails or other equipment, you should try the technique with the rotor dry varieties. These units have a slightly different design. They don’t need a rotor immersed in a medium of thermal energy because it is separated from it by special seals. Powerful pumps dry-type are the most appropriate equipment for continuous use in high-rise buildings. They are of high power in contrast to the analogues.

All models of the pumping equipment to circulate consist of such devices as electric power unit, a rotor made of ceramics or steel, brass or cast iron body (can be made of different metals), a shaft with impeller. If you first carry out the selection of the circulation pump for floor heating, the following are the technical specifications of the equipment:

  • limit of temperature level;
  • power;
  • performance and internal pressure;
  • the cost of electrical energy.

The correct calculation of important hydraulic parameters will help you choose and buy a reliable pump depending on the specific needs of the customer.

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