Cinema at the dawn of its development

Cinema at the dawn of its development

When the photography appeared, enthusiastic people who perhaps knew no bounds. However, immediately began to wonder: it is not possible to transmit not only static image but also a motion effect? The obvious way is required a way to capture a lot of images (very sensitive media, pictures, camera that shoots at predetermined intervals and device, which would show the shot as synchronous). All this has led to the emergence of movie.

Flexible non-combustible film was developed in 1878, eleven years later appeared a combustible celluloid. In the 1880s created a number chronophotographic devices that are being developed in England, Russia and France. Projection devices are made in the same countries and Germany.

In the mid-1890s, the period has come when the inventors came close to a full cinema. It was certainly not the miracles of technology, which boasts a modern video Studio, but they were their predecessors. Adanowsky the peep show, PANOPTICON of Latham, chronophotographe Demeny, pleograf Prushinskiy , etc. are like a dense shoal. Breakthrough at a crucial stage, contrary to popular myth is not made alone by the lumière brothers (their design was not even the most advanced), they were not the first. So, almost two months with a demonstration of the short film was ahead of them German Skladanowski with his «Palace».

The following two years was accompanied by a screening of short films in the capitals and major centres all States. Very quickly after that started Amateur filming, including in Russia. An era of silent movies.

The first shot on film footage wore strictly documentary in nature, but almost immediately there are elements of feature film. The imperfection of technology is not allowed to create long works. However, this defect was quickly corrected, and in the first years of the twentieth century had been on a fifteen-minute level. A further increase of opportunities for shooting and displaying images allowed to reveal the artistic potential of a new art form, to Express themselves actors and Directors. On the other hand, the rapid commercialization of the film reduces the artistic value of it. Identifies basic genres and visual techniques.

None other than Edison, tried to synchronize sound and image, but failed. The difficulties of synchronization and low sound volume and let other engineers. To address the second objective could only in 1912, when the amplifier of low frequencies. However, by the time of the specific language of the silent cinema allowed early audio tapes to compete with it, and world war largely affected.

In 1919 he was taken patent for sound film, but the unwillingness to lose the foreign audience and to raise the cost of film production film companies were forced to abandon the sound.

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