Choice of ceramic tile for bathroom

Choice of ceramic tile for bathroom is one important stage of repair, when you need to be extremely careful, because to change the tiles are much harder than the Wallpaper. It’s no secret that ceramic tile is the most popular material for decoration of bathrooms and toilets. Today, the market represented a huge number of foreign and domestic brands of ceramics. If the repair plans for the first time, you should pay attention to several important points which may help not to spend extra money, as well as to avoid unpleasant situations during construction.

Tips for choosing ceramic tile

To the store tile, you need to take a design project of a future bathroom, with matched color schemes and calculations of area for each type of tile. This will help you quickly navigate to the required amount for purchase. For any project, it is possible to pick up the tiles, where the cost per square meter will start from about 600 rubles.

Huge selection of ceramic tiles presented in a variety of settings. You can verify this by checking the directory on the website junomart. In General, the range, the size of the tiles starts from 10×10 centimeters and end up a lot of floor tiles 90×90 cm it is Important to remember that looks very similar tiles of different firms may have different parameters and different even in millimeters. If paper catalogs are difficult to notice the difference in quality budget metal and ceramics well-known foreign companies, in fact, this difference becomes obvious. It is therefore important to choose the tile in the store and literally feel its color and texture, which may differ from what is presented in the catalogs.

We should also mention the popularity of mosaic, which is significantly more expensive than conventional tiles. The market is mainly presented budget Chinese and expensive Italian brand. Usually mosaic is put on a paper a polyethylene-based or grid, but sometimes stacked. The disadvantages of mosaic can be attributed to the fact that it is very difficult to properly fit technological holes, because it almost does not cut. As a rule, plan the layout of tiles included in the project design and the selection of ceramics takes place at the design stage together with the customer. If the tile is not counted, it will help to make the store. It is very convenient, because experts will not only offer several variants of tile layouts, but it will calculate the amount of under trimming.

The choice of ceramic tile design

When the repair is performed in-house, choosing the tiles becomes more difficult. If a small bathroom, tiles need to choose small and light. White or blue shades, will allow the space to become free. Not worth to order a lot of tiles with a pattern, and only occasionally sticking a few tiles with a picture.

When the bathroom is quite spacious, you can use bright colors such as yellow and orange. However, the neutral color is very important, where it needs to be not less than half. This is necessary in order to bright colors tiles are not tired too quickly. If the tile in the bathroom is very bright, all other decorations, should be good or neutral in color.

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