Child’s birthday from one year to four

Child's birthday from one year to four

Agree that a birthday is a real holiday for the whole family?! And it was vivid impressions we have survived births. So every year we need to celebrate properly. But you will agree that birthday one year old child is different from the holiday three years. So let’s look at the birthdays by age.

So, for the employee’s child during this period, in the first place is family and relatives (brothers, sisters, aunts, uncles…). In other words, all those who the child knows and can learn. Don’t want to invite crowds of people, the child simply may be fearful of strangers, and a large crowd will tire of the baby. If you really want to celebrate a year of your kid together with friends, you can do it alone without the baby. As for treats, here are most the adult menu, but it is necessary also to put what your baby eats (mashed potatoes, juice, fruits…). Gifts can also varied because the child does not understand the ceremony.

For a toddler it’s a little different. In this age, the child is more reasonable. He already feels it is a holiday, waiting for gifts, guests, Goodies (of course, if the parents told him about it in advance). But the gifts should be addressed to the child, as a rule, toys and educational games. If you want to gift baby clothes, then must be sure that it really need and like. As for the guests, it should be people who are waiting for the child (and not you). You can invite peers of the child, but should explain to the child that he should be hospitable and give children to play with their toys. You can also do two different table: for children and adults.

In three years the child already acquires acquaintances in the garden, on the street. His circle of acquaintances has grown considerably since the last birthday and therefore it is possible to hold the feast in the cafe. Yes, it is more expensive than home, but agree that the cafe will be able to entertain the children better than you are at home and you can relax without worrying about the need to put something on the table or some other stuff. especially considering the fact that birthday happens only once a year. Before approving the menu, you need to talk to all parents of invited children perhaps some products are not their children. Also, you can enjoy making children’s holiday balls, here. So you can make the holiday atmosphere in the interior.

The older the child, the grander the birthday party. So in four years not to cook all day and then all night to eliminate the consequences of the RAID of the guests (and there may be a group of kindergarten), it is best to arrange a holiday outside the walls of his home. If the child’s birthday in the summer, it is safe to go into the fresh air. children are very Mature and understand that escape is impossible. Well, if it’s cold, you’ll come again baby cafe.

No matter what holiday you are not satisfied, remember that you arrange it in the first place the child, and not yourself and therefore respect his interests and wishes. Merry celebration.

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