Children’s Halloween costume — the best options

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For a long time in English-speaking countries only needed a kids costume for Halloween. For the first time dressed as the children began to go door to door on Halloween in the late 19th century. They received from the owners of candy, cookies, fruit and sometimes money. Later appeared the phrase «Trick-or-treat,» which is now translated as «trick or treat», but the literal translation means rather «trick or treat» or «trick or treat». It is these words, the children «blackmail» the civilian population.

Children’s Halloween costume – the best options

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Today, the fashion for Halloween has spread to almost the whole world. In Halloween costume dress up not only kids but adults who love to party and have fun. Almost every self-respecting institution spends on the eve of all saints Day, October 31, theme parties.

This article contains the most attractive baby Halloween costume that I found on the net. As it is a holiday of all evil, then most often the children dressed up in costumes of zombies, witches, vampires and werewolves. I think that this year, due to the increased popularity of the TV series «the Vampire Diaries» and the beginning of its fourth season, the majority of Housewives, who are one of the target audiences of this series, will dress up their kids in costumes of their favorite characters. Moreover, the vampire costume is one of the easiest. In order to make it you will need a black suit, dress and Cape, teeth with fangs, a little powder (and flour), black eye shadow and red lipstick. Then it’s simple – dress your child in costume cling to the cloak, powder his face, make sunken eyes with shadows, put his teeth and lips painted in blood red, preferably with a drip tip. Your Halloween costume is ready!

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