Children’s games and child development

Children's games and child development

Kids games play a huge role for the normal development of any child. The variety of choice gives you the opportunity every day to start with new toys. Some kid can sit with one toy and the other one loses interest in it within a minute. Parents, this is sometimes upsetting. But the output, of course. And you can find it only in conjunction.

Role of play for child development

With the help of parents the child not only learns, but learns to play, to distinguish between good and bad. Children in the game see the interest from parents and thereby increase their self-esteem, which is very important during development. And parents playing games together help to understand your child and his interests.

During joint time, it is worth considering a few points in the game to benefit, and not Vice versa distanced and locked child.

  1. The basic rule of the game should be fun for both sides. Children are usually very sensitive to feel the mood of loved ones. Therefore, the reluctance on the part of the father to play the child may perceive as uninteresting games or even unwillingness to communicate with him.
  2. The expression of imagination on the part of parents and child development. Frequently banal questions on the age or name cause in children irritation. He answered them many times already and so everything is clear. Is to convert such questions into play, for example, a funny voice to put the same questions (it is possible for this purpose to use the helium from balloons) or by a favorite toy, talk to the child about «important» things. Similarly, the child should develop imagination. You can start to draw an animal and let the child guess who needs to go. Maybe he will have a desire independently to complete the picture. Or sculpt from a piece of the test animal and then bird, and bird bagel, and then bake it in the oven. You can with your child to dream for someone like cloud.
  3. To instill children’s interest in a particular game need praise. Any undertaking will be interpreted by the child positively if to praise him, to say that he is good, rejoice with him, even little achievement.
  4. Despite the fact that most share toys for boys and girls, here igriz/play-ben-10/, it is not worth it. This is not to say that the boy should just buy five dolls and the girl three cars. But if the child shows interest in a particular toy, it is worth to buy. And if you are interested in a special measure, for example, to the constructor, and should tell the child, what else can you build or assemble to expand his horizons.
  5. Do not have to play with the child according to the instructions and constantly to straighten out, if he does something against the rules. If the child invents its own rules; it will only develop imagination. Or he molded green clay strange animal and said that it was an elephant. It is not necessary to interrupt him and say that there are no such elephants, etc. Should blind the «right» elephant and rejoice that now the animals became more.
  6. The toys should have its own storage location. From an early age, the child should be disciplined. To help him in the distribution of toys, and then he and yourself to deal with it. For younger children, toys should be kept in mind, but he couldn’t get it. For older kids a «complex» toys can be put in the drawers or closet. Simple toys can find their place in a special basket.
  7. Periodically disassemble and sort the toys. Maybe for some games the child is too young, it should be removed to an inaccessible place and get it later when the child is a little older. Or, conversely, the child of the toy grew up and no longer shows interest in her. Such a toy can give children of primary age or clean for the next child.
  8. Besides the usual toys at the child, of course, must be educational games. But do not rush to teach a child to read three or four years, if he can not do it. You can periodically offer your child to study music or dance, sports or math. But first try to understand what the child wants.

Special attention should be paid to the independent game. Not all children are prone to self-time. Perhaps the child simply does not know how to play with a new item or want to communicate. The main thing is to be patient and all the above rules and then the child will develop fully.

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